Tuesday, 30 December 2014

life after life

suddenly I remembered the old hobby

which I had forgotten magnificently

life after life I lived

forgetting that hobby

which bonded me to You

not recognizing your greatness

immersed in materialistic life 

I forgot my origin

I forgot my old hobby of loving

loving You unconditionally

making a fool of myself

life after life I forgot ...

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scattered love

eyes see what mind wants

I see the whole world

reflected in my tears

wiping them the baby laughs

I see love in the baby's eyes

the same love reflects in my eyes

tears filled with love falls

scattering love everywhere

Sunday, 28 December 2014

natures truth

the gurgling water teases the land

alluring the wind to follow

catching the ray of sun 

rainbow connects the sky

nature laughs seeing this

the tears of laughter drops as rain

each drop coated with truth 

falls on earth to quench the thirst

teaching man : only truth holds

I try to hold it my heart....

For Indiblogger Happy Hour  Topic:

Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein

the mind


 tiny boat floats in the ocean

restless waves tosses

the anchor holds 

my mind stills inside

deep in the ocean I reside

abandoning the boat to waves


Sunday, 21 December 2014


image: google

as each moment is stringed to the next

I try to catch them in my hand

they slip through my fingers

leaving behind their essence

allowing them to lead my way

I walk on the steps of hope

into the life full of love

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

appetite for life

image: google

wandering in the street of life

empty stomach thirsts for bread

to live the life it struggles

it won't hesitate to kill too

survival instinct leads the mind

one slice extinguishes hunger

stomach is full, peace walks inside

embracing the tranquility 

meaning of life changes the life itself

Thursday, 11 December 2014

the dawning of a new day

image: google

the day we all see each other as we are

the color of skin doesn't matter anymore

the line between the lands erase

where every individual is respected 

there is no more difference between man and woman

when understanding dawns on everyone

we all are humans coming from the same source

we give rights to each other with love

compassion guides everyone....

topic: human rights

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My City

The Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace...is synonymous with everyone who stays in this city called Mysore. Coming from this town the Palace has been a integral part of my life. I am blessed to be born in this city and it I can't think of being in any other place...I love my city for all it's glory and I am very proud of my city...I recommend everyone to visit this city once and enjoy it's hospitality..

standing in the heart of the city

the majestic Palace pulls everyone to see it's splendor

with it's grandeur mesmerizing people

they all come from different parts of the world

only to stand in awe and bow to it's beauty

the king's golden throne 

the enchanting hall where the king would hold his court

it's hidden charms call out

making all fall in love ...

topic: city songs 

The Golden Throne..
The great hall where king held the court

image: google

Monday, 8 December 2014

the shower of love

image: google

the barren earth creates the design, it's thirst for rain calls the clouds. we try to console each other but in vain. our heart gets heavy with pain. hope comes in the form of rain cleansing everything. once again the birds sing with joy.

your eternal love
unequivocally I trust
my hands fold in prayer

topic: hands
this is my humble effort of Haibun...where I want to convey the heartfelt gratitude to the power which holds and guides us all in the path of love...

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Ferris Wheel

going up and coming down

like a Ferris wheel life goes

the winning gives a high

the losing give a low

but both the times we get love

the love which binds us all

together we ride the wheel

making us realize as long as love is there

there is no line between winning and losing

Saturday, 15 November 2014


darkness is all around

the feeling of getting drowned hits me

I try to kick and  float

but in vain

I want to break free

but know the time has not yet arrived

I have to grow inside to be free

I am tied in my own self

immersed in the womb of pain

searching for love to keep afloat

Thursday, 13 November 2014

perceiving life

image: google

The grey colored memory wanted to vanish

I knew inside the grey there were colors of my dreams

I refused them to surface: grey was fine for me

but they started to bleed and the colors got mixed

I tried my best to blotch them but of no use

the kaleidoscopic colors haunted me

escaping from their grip I ran

the white light showed me the path

I painted the canvas of life with peace and love

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

blending with butter

image: google

the collected cream of emotions was sitting 

putting them in the pot i started churning

i saw them twirling with my suppressed feelings

doing the jig to make them raise

i was unable to control any of them

as the speed increased more came out

i could name few but unnamed were more

the moment i realized that the control was is in my hand

it was nirvana all the way

I slowed down and stopped completely

 with angelic smile there stood the  butter of love 

ready to be consumed...

Monday, 3 November 2014


image: google

searching for solace

unshakable faith in you

life moves by itself

 for indiblogger topic: Why do we worship god?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

confronting fear

screams shatter my dreams
my fears intimidate me
I refuse to bow down
holding the confidence weapon I fight
I celebrate their demise
Hugging peace with love
I open the door to an innocent face
saying trick or treat..
I smile at life with joy

topic: halloween or celebrating the dead

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Daring To Dream


Sitting inside a cage I look out

The bars of the cage mock at me

They know it was me who put them there

Fear, Pain, Hatred, Jealousy, and what not

With broken wings I sit 

Content in nursing I refuse to fly

The promise of freedom allures me

Breaking the bars becomes expensive

To let go means surrender

Do I dare to dream??

topic: Broken

Thursday, 23 October 2014

precious gift

image: google

how can i forget the day 

you came knocking my heart

innocent eyes urging me to love 

I took you in my arms

thanking the creator for this precious gift

my child i thank you for giving me that moment

filling my soul with joy forever

topic: one day in the Life of...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Simple Question

image: google

Hi  friend, a tiny voice whispered in my ears
I saw a tiny sparrow sitting on the window sill
I welcomed her with a what's up?
She started talking about what's happening in her world
Mountains are still smiling in spite of their continuous standing 
Oceans continue to do their dance every second
Flowers adding color to the natures canvas
Birds and animals living in harmony
Every one abiding to the law of nature
All is perfect in the world
She asked me a simple Q..what's up in your world?
I opened and closed my mouth
Shall i say that here cruelty continues in spite of advanced civilization
dance of life is done with crippled thoughts
jealousy, hatred, violence colors our canvas
we are searching for peace and harmony 
We thrive in breaking laws of nature
We pretend that all is perfect in our world too
What shall i say? a simple question which has no answer


Thursday, 16 October 2014


image: google

coming into my life

canorous tune of love

consuming my pessimism

crafting eternal joy

coalesce in life's canvas

creating heavenly picture

ceasing my worldly existence

for ~ dVerse poets pub

topic : pleaides form of poetry
this form has seven lines with six syllable in each line  and  each line beginning with same letter as the title 

meaning of Canorous is Melodious

twinkling eyes

seeing but not seeing 

i come to visit 

knowing you are not there

in the warmth of my memory

you reside happily

twinkling eyes teasing

  smile hiding behind the stern lips

erasing the line between life and death

the dance of souls continue in different plane

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

standing next to a tree

image: google

each old leaf going down with a smile

the new one opening with innocence

you show how life happens

learning and unlearning

like you i shed all my emotions

laughing with joy i live

standing alone in this journey of life

knowing that nothing alters the fact

I live to live the life itself

savoring each moment

topic: Trees

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

My Raaga

As music is a integral part of me I thought instead of writing a poem let me share my music with you all. Here I am singing a Indian semi classical song of goddess saraswathi who according to Indian Mythology is the goddess of music. Here the request is for the goddess to give blessing to the whole world and take everyone in the path of light.
Hope you all enjoy this. This is a unplugged version. As we all know that music has no language..let it touch your heart..
Friends enjoy
I have for the first time tried this sound cloud format...hope there won't be any problem hearing the audio.

The link is My Raaga

  for ~ dVerse Poets Pub
topic: music

Monday, 13 October 2014

hands of love

the hands that protects is killing

innocent lives of thousands

lost for the unknown cause

whole world witnessing 

shedding tears silently

I beg peace to stay 

wishing if I was the hands

i would refuse to hold weapons

i would only hug with love

i would salute the creator

for giving me this precious life

if i were the hands...i would refuse....

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Renewal Of Hope

image: google

sky remains the same blue

earth in its muted brown

in between I explore

crying over the lost lives of humans

swimming in the river of tears

hoping the river will join ocean of peace

soothing the wounded heart with love 

assuring once again the innocent smiles will bloom

humanity will rise again

Thursday, 9 October 2014

wondering with lillies

Image Courtesy: Our Garden

silently building each petal

trying to bring symmetry

resembling but not resembling

standing apart yet binding

are they pretending?

water swallowing the pretense

sky reflecting the difference

earth defending the difference

it's just happening

topic: Verbal Cubism

Friday, 19 September 2014

god's handwriting

driving a hot air balloon 

i caught hold of a cloud

i climbed inside it

turning around 

saw an elephant passing

he pulled the cloud 

i twirled and twirled 

 ran down the rainbow

the alphabets were chasing me

they caught me and told me to write

i wrote a poem about how i saw

god's handwriting everywhere

the challenge is to write nonsense poetry