Tuesday, 11 November 2014

blending with butter

image: google

the collected cream of emotions was sitting 

putting them in the pot i started churning

i saw them twirling with my suppressed feelings

doing the jig to make them raise

i was unable to control any of them

as the speed increased more came out

i could name few but unnamed were more

the moment i realized that the control was is in my hand

it was nirvana all the way

I slowed down and stopped completely

 with angelic smile there stood the  butter of love 

ready to be consumed...


  1. Ah, the emotions that go into churning, mixing, cooking... Nicely done!

  2. Great metaphor here for the emotions...thick and rich!

  3. Very subliminal... It is indeed in your hands!
    p.s. I love fresh butter or loni as we call it in Maharashtra :)


  4. Metaphorically speaking, you are bang on; very sweet ride, both emotions & taste buds satiated. A terrific take on the prompt; thanks.

  5. oh nice.. the butter of love... yeah... that's a good way to deal with emotions...smiles

  6. very nice - reminded me of watching an angry person cook - the emotion attacks the food!

  7. Butter of love.. and that process in making it too.. works so well

  8. The butter of love - smiles, I love that. Well done, a cool poem.