Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Dance

Friends today I am presenting you with my daughter's poem - The Dance. The bird painting below was done by her. She is a teenager who enjoys writing poems and does painting in different medium.Her poems are published in many newspapers and magazines.Her art work has won her a lot of prizes.She aspires to be a doctor and she is pursuing her education in that direction I hope you will welcome and appreciate her as you have done to me. Thank You.

She lifted her hand
And moved it with grace
The feet were gracefully moving
And expressions flooded her face

The dance was precise
With every step having a meaning
Every smile a hidden pain
And every expression amazing

There was something strange
In the dance she was doing
It made her think twice
And give attention to her living

As she continued her dance
She felt inside her an urge
To change her lifestyle
And it came in as a surge

Memories flooded her mind
She copying in tests
She bullying the small kids
She destroying bird nests

Each of these memories
Stung her soul and heart
For she had never realized
What her action had impart

She knew it was the dance
About a girl who was dying
And who was wild to be alive
So she was tearfully apologizing

Then she realized the value
Of her living and her existence
As she made the next step
She felt that she had been dense

The last fragment of the dance
Was about to finish
And she stood as a changed person
At last realizing her wish

As she dropped dead on the stage
She felt happiness burst inside
And as the applause was heard
She knew she need not hide

She stood up on the stage
Showing her tear glazed face
For she knew that the audience
Had not just appreciated her grace

She stood as a changed girl
Ready to face the sun
But this time with reality
For she knew she had won

Written by Prakruthi Harihar

Friday, 30 May 2014

Art work

My attempt of painting Goddess DURGA in Tanjore style. Here the medium is cloth and poster colors are used.Gold sheet and antique stones are used for the ornaments.Goddess DURGA is considered as the Mother of Universe. She is worshiped in different forms and names. According to hindu religion she is believed to be the power behind the work of creation,preservation and destruction of world.


Image: Google

Thousand watt smile with dentures

Shining eyes behind the glasses

Old age is when it all starts

Spreading Love and Wisdom

Living every moment

As understanding dawns 

Life is Immortal; Body dissolves

Empty Bowl

Image courtesy: Google

"Empty bowl" that is what I am. I thought that I was full. God had given me every thing in life.Good parents, loving husband, adorable kids and solid friends. My life was like a tag line in an advertisement "neighbors envy,owners pride." All these things which I claimed to be mine was a mirage. Parents passed away, kids flew out of the nest and husband's love had vanished like a vapor. The so called friends having their own life had little time for me. Introspection process started inside me. I had filled my bowl to the brim. Some needed and many not needed. Inflated ego and pride had taken over me. I failed to appreciate the beauty of life. Forgot to enjoy simple little things. I was glad about my introspection. It made me realize what my true nature is! Deep inside I am an empty bowl filled with pure love and happiness. 

Silence echoing in the valley
calls my heart 
listening as the question answers itself

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Best Friend

Image Courtesy : Google

I always wondered the way YOU work

To help humans - having similar need

To have someone

To laugh and cry, to lean, to love unconditionally

To ride the waves of life ;

Truth dawned on me

YOU fulfill that need in the form of a Best Friend

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I entered the room hesitantly, knowing what was there

Pieces of my broken heart were lying in the dust

 Each had its own grueling story

I didn't want to acknowledge them

As I stood there staring at them

I realized that I had a choice

To hold on or to let go...

Allegory Of Freedom

The door opened and I saw it

Luminous on the glass pedestal

Feeling its warmth as I took it from the plate

My pernicious persona vanished

I became the messiah of God

Awestruck at this epochal moment

My shadow vanished in the universe

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A New Beginning

Oh, sky being a mute witness to this world

Are you crying ?

Are you touched by the loss of naive human lives?

Have you heard the sob of the trees?

Did you see the Innocent plea of animals?

Unleash your anger with thunder and lightning

Wash away all the sins with your tears

Let there be a new beginning with the rainbow

For ~ Poetry Jam


Mother Earth waits with the hope

To see the first signs of life from her womb

When the vital drops of water get sprinkled from the Sky

Alive and kicking the baby leaf comes out

Making the whole land verdant

Once again nature assures that all is well

Green – the symbol of LIFE

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

River Of Life

Wisdom tells me I am nothing
Love tells me I am everything
Between the two my life flows - Nisarga  Dutta Maharaj

The River of Life is flowing with vigor

No ocean for it to merge

Ocean is inside the River of Life

Tranquility is the Ship to Travel

Happiness its Engine, Benevolence its Fuel

Love its Guiding Light, Wisdom its Navigation Tool

Enlightenment the Impenetrable Harbor

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The Song

 Edward Hopper, 1922 

When eyes met over a candle flame

They fell into a timeless space

Spontaneously trusting with heart

Dancing in delight

Mask falling from their face

Revealing what they truly are

A beautiful Love song played in Silence

Saturday, 17 May 2014


Picture Courtesy: Google Image

hold my hand in the dark
lead me to


allow me to grow with


teach  me to let go of
my pain with



Picture Courtesy; Google Images

You are Quintessential to my Existence

From Pigtails to Eating Candies

Silly Giggles and Adolescent Infatuation

Wiping Tears over Lost Love

You are the Myriad of Color in my Life

I Yearn for your Shoulder now

Wrinkled Skin and Dimming Memory struggling to hold on...

Friday, 16 May 2014


Picture courtesy; Google Image

Wheel of time is ticking

Oscillating between past and future

Mesmerizing every one 

Play of life continues here

Inner peace and happiness

Strenuous to find

Search continues in the wheel of time

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Q's & A's

Photo Courtesy; Google Image

Why ask questions when there is no answer

What good is a relationship if your heart is not in it

Man made boundaries should not stop you from being human

Why restrict yourself with mind

Knowing that these are mere words and thoughts

YOU alone is what it is

Primordial Spirit, free from questions and answers.


It was engulfing her

Pulling in to the vortex

Tears, anguish, fear and frustration

Surrounding her like a blanket

Discovering the strength within

Breaking free from all of them

She embraced tranquility

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Festival Of Life

Bringing the child within you, out 
Once again relishing the Life 
Simple little things
Taken for granted
Left unnoticed
All cherished in a day
Fulfilling in every way

Every moment a celebration
Learning and unlearning
Accepting and respecting
Giving and receiving
Life - a series of Festivals
Love - its Spirit
Happiness - its Essence.

For - Poetry Jam

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Musings of a New Blogger

“Write a blog” she told me

I said “Don’t know how”

She said “Express your thoughts through words”

Made me think and think - days, weeks, and months

From inside I heard

 "I am a soul as ancient as this universe

Recycled thoughts and borrowed words - Is all I have!"

Friday, 9 May 2014



Eyes dripping with innocence

Skin shimmering with softness

Steel in the grip, a glimpse of toughness

Anger peeping now and then

Angels take a bow at you

Love connects you with all

My child, you are my extension.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Unknown

The Unknown

Breaking free from concepts

Tearing down the norms

Going to a place where there is no fear

Land of love and light

Happiness and Freedom

Inner peace and tranquility

Connecting with absolute

For- Mag 218



It grows on one if allowed

Drives one to perform inhuman act

Makes one a puppet with an invisible string

Anger, contempt, frustration are its friends

Fear; hazard to man kind

Believing in one’s self will hinder its progress

Inner strength will annihilate it.  

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pursuit Of Happiness

Pursuit Of Happiness

Searching and searching

Not knowing what it is

With thoughts, actions, and reactions

Trying to find it in material 

Imagining contentment 

When the bubble bursts

Once again the search starts?

Denying the obvious; happiness is inside the heart! 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Wheel Of Life

Wheel Of Life

Every birth a new concept

Every death a new beginning

In between assumption of being immortal

Evading the purpose

Creating more misery

Missing the opportunity to exit

Bestowed to us by Universe