Wednesday, 30 April 2014



We live in a world of cacophony

Where sound is every thing.

Inside and outside sound is everywhere

When mother looks in the eyes of a baby

Love is showered through her eyes,

When lovers look in each other’s eyes

Words lose their power.

Strolling in the nature holding hands

In the eve of the life, peace beckons.

Silence prevails over words;

Silence existed in the dawn of the universe.

Reach for it from inside your heart

Hold it and don’t let it go, as it is the essence of divine.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited

Every present moment is bounded by past memories. While standing in a super market line to pay my bill for the grocery I purchased, I was thrown back to the time when I was about two years old. That day my mom wanted a few things from a nearby grocery shop.  She beckoned dad to get it. Something had gotten into me and I was creating a lot of ruckus. My mom pleaded dad to take me along. I started to jump up and down elatedly as I had finally gotten a chance to go to the shop with my dad.

The mom-and-pop store had a counter near the entrance. No one could go inside the shop; the customer had to ask for the items one-by-one, and it was all given in a paper cover. The counter at the front had a showcase underneath which displayed all the colourful things like pencils, sharpeners, erasers, geometry boxes, combs and what not! The top of the counter was filled with glass jars containing mouth watering candies.

Dad got busy getting the things he needed and was in a real hurry to get back home. I was busy admiring the colourful things on the counter and was lost in a world of my fantasy. I wanted to know how to use each of those items and was keen to touch and feel them.  I wanted to taste each of those candies in those jars and my mouth started watering as I stood there fascinated.

Dad had gone home happy with the thought that there would be no scolding. For once, he had brought all the things and had not forgotten a single item. When he handed the bag to mom he had a smile on his face.  Interestingly mom had an anxious look and inquired about me.  It was then he realised that in his anxiety to not forget any items, he had indeed forgotten me in the shop!  Mom hit the roof; she was furious that the most precious thing in her life was left outside. Dad hurried back to the store to find me.

I was oblivious to what was happening outside the shop. I was frozen in front of the counter with my thumb in my mouth. Dad discovered me drooling in front of the counter and picked me up with the best hug. Mom was overjoyed to see me safe and sound.

That day I learnt to admire the beautiful things in life and enjoyed the unlimited love that parents have always showered upon me.