Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wise Eyes

tears got frozen in the eyes

words refused to fall from lips

pain became the constant companion

I was not ready to allow happiness

I wanted to ride the sympathy wave

You made me understand that

I never saw world through Your eyes

The wise eyes full of love 

topic is to get inspired by Joel Robison's creative and adventure spirit

Saturday, 16 August 2014

break open the shell

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like bitter and sweet almonds

life is full of contrasts

I am neither, I am the pure happiness

you can call me bliss,peace or joy

I am there in everyone's heart

You have to open the shell called ego

You will find me waiting like Phyllis

embrace me with love 

topic : happiness, almonds

Friday, 8 August 2014


 see, enjoy, accept

reject nor keep 

like mirror

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cooked With Love

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Grand mother would tell me

the way to your husband's heart is through his stomach

first day when I had to cook in my new house

i decided to work with granny's advise

i wanted to bake a beautiful cake

my wish was was a beautiful cake to look

my hubby dearest was treated with mouth watering aroma

he just could't wait to eat the cake

I gave him the knife to do the honors

next ten minutes we both were pounding on the cake to break it

wiping my tears hubby said that his love for me is intact in his heart

the home made cake winked at me from the trash can..

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Prayer Of Peace

ring the peace bell , ring it fast

let it resonate in every individual soul

let it remind all of us that we are first humans

let us not forget who's world this is

we are here as visitors

let us breathe the air of peace

inhale it inside our lungs

allow it to run in our blood

we act on love and love alone

ring the bell to awake everyone

peace be the religion of the world

The Ballos Night

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His wise eyes reflected the moon in the sky
A huge scar on his wrinkled hand was shining
i eagerly wanted to know about the scar
i begged him to share his story
After a long silence he started
The day when he fell in love
the most beautiful girl he had ever seen
she stayed in the castle with her yellow teeth dog
the castle hosted a fair and he went in his old tractor along with his black cat
he was fascinated by the view, there was a display of  farm animals
there was chicken,black swan, raven and a  crocodile
in the theater nutcracker was playing
fancy dress competition was held and he could see 
people dressed as Greek god/ goddess,superman,
Obelix, Hansel and Gretel and as a dragon too
then he saw her dressed as Ice queen
she was sipping tea from a cup  with painted orange flowers
there was an announcement for the dance competition
before he could understand what was happening he was dancing with her
the bluesman was playing saxophone along with the violinist
he felt like he was in a spaceship going to Neptune
he didn't want the dance to end but he was yanked out of her arms
how can he a commoner dare to dance with the princess?
he was thrown inside a stall full of haystack and in the corner
there was a wheel barrow which had a old liquor bottle
they had locked the door and he waited the whole night
the next morning they put him in a blue car and dropped him outside the city
with a warning to never set his foot inside the castle again
then? i wondered about the scar on his hand...
to my horror it was not a scar but he had tattooed her name with the needle
nowadays he sits in the pub and plays skat sometimes
he never talks about that day not even with the little bat

Monday, 4 August 2014

Incredulous Society

Don't we all want to change so many things in India?  Isn't that list endless?

We see posters (do these posters not bring down the beauty in the first place and that is a different challenge altogether), writings on the wall, promos in movie theaters trying to educate us.  These are the necessary steps that have to be taken by the authorities, and in some cases NGO's help the cause also. My contention is once again we have to go to the grass-root level for our society to change.

Aren't Parents the role models for their children? If we throw garbage on the road today then our kids will do the same thing tomorrow. We make our kids urinate on the road side convincing them that they should not worry since no one is seeing!

We laugh when eve teasing is happening in front of us.  We spit (sometimes even the paan spit too), we use foul language, we tell our kids to close their eyes to prevent them from watching obscene scenes in the movies, we throw banana peel on the road saying it will turn into manure.  Jumping signals is fun, parking in a haphazard manner when parking is at a premium is considered a small victory, making a child sit on the father's lap since the child loves driving, two-wheelers driving on pavements, cutting lines, this list is endless! And we see the so-called educated folks repeating this time and again!

Are we doing a responsible parenting? How can we expect a better society? When we understand that we are THE society and we are responsible for our actions we may see some change. Till such time we have to suffer the non-civic behavior of our people. It's easy to play the blaming game by saying India needs change..aren't we the part of India? 

Each individual is India and only when he/she realizes the responsibility each carry and respects it we can hope for better India. Incredible India or Incredulous Society!

Article written for Indi Blogger. Topic: Which bad habit of Indian would you like to change for our India?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dear Jacaranda

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every day you showered purple flowers
I would grumble and clean
god forbid if it rained
you still showered the flowers deaf to my plea
one day i saw termites on you trunk
i tried all remedies to revive you
but you just succumbed 
when they cut you it tore my heart
we all counted the rings 
you had stood there for thirty five years
showering your purple flowers

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now the sun scorches my yard
no flowers,no chirping of birds
squirrels look at me with disgust
my friend you were an extraordinary being
now in your place young frangipani  is there
she laughs at me with her light yellow flowers

This is a true incident happened in our yard...i never realized that I would be missing a tree so much,,,but  I do and every time i shed tears for my friend whom i will never meet again i remember the lesson i have learnt and that is to be selfless and give and give with no expectations..

topic: something ordinary

Laughing Dandelions

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the dandelions are laughing in the field

i try to follow their laughter

i think i reach the source

alas! there isn't a particular place you reach

now i just laugh with all the flowers

playing with the wind and i sigh

life is about living the moment