Thursday, 23 October 2014

precious gift

image: google

how can i forget the day 

you came knocking my heart

innocent eyes urging me to love 

I took you in my arms

thanking the creator for this precious gift

my child i thank you for giving me that moment

filling my soul with joy forever

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  1. Those first days were so priceless - I look back a I look in the eyes of my daughter and I am l now proud to know such a fine woman...

  2. You picked a perfect day indeed. I love that it is a letter to a child.

  3. You remind me that the day I had my daughter remains as one of the happiest in my life. What a day that is.

  4. One of the best days of all!

  5. A day like no other........"filling my soul with joy forever"....wonderful!

  6. that's a very nice poem Arathi. You are a great mom. Any child getting a poem like this from his or her parent should be proud and loyal to that parent. :D

  7. truly a precious moment for offering thanks

    much love...

  8. Simply beautiful...not all children are lucky enough to be received like is good to hear when anyone is treasured

  9. What a great poem for those precious days.