Wednesday, 15 October 2014

standing next to a tree

image: google

each old leaf going down with a smile

the new one opening with innocence

you show how life happens

learning and unlearning

like you i shed all my emotions

laughing with joy i live

standing alone in this journey of life

knowing that nothing alters the fact

I live to live the life itself

savoring each moment

topic: Trees


  1. I love the opening line 'each old leaf going down with a smile' shows us a lesson and as reply 'savoring each moment' from you ~ well balanced poem.

  2. Trees do show us how to live. Loved this, Arathi!

  3. a beautiful lesson learnt....nicely done Arathi :)

  4. That is a good philosophy..strong roots in the mind give us purpose...great, strong poem

  5. A strong metaphor, beautifully expressed.

  6. I live to live life itself. This is profound and true. Beautiful poem.

  7. How lucky to stand next to a tree in this way, with the old going and the new arriving, a joyful shedding of emotions. Live to live.

  8. acceptance of the end of life can best be seen in a tree-how naturally the leaves fall ready to meet their fate-lovely striking poem

  9. Its always to good to savor the moments.

  10. Arathi, I think this is one of my favorites of yours. I love some of the wordings. I really liked "like you I shed all of my emotions, laughing with joy I live...." This was a delightful poem all the way through!