Friday, 17 July 2020


Looking through the eyes

Hearing through the ears

The rhythm of heart 

The expansion and contraction of lungs

All the feelings and emotions 

Dancing to the hypnotic tune

The operator runs the show

Hiding at the same time being obvious 

Surrender leading to recognition 

The ultimate truth reveals

Oh, beloved! thou are the only one

No two..


Sunday, 10 May 2020

Now Playing ...

Lights, Camera, Action ..

Mother,Father, Son, Daughter

Each dependent on one another

Role play of life continues 

Each role so special 

Wishing for the play to continue forever ..


Who is acting?

Who is watching?

Dig deep inside 

The one who is acting is nonexistent!

The one who watches is eternal!!

The one who gets this is out of the role

Others continue 

Role after role

Lifetime goes away..

Another Human birth wasted ..

Oh! my beloved have mercy..

May this birth be the One

No more roles to play..

This heart chants thy name..

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Rhythm of Life

Time is always running 

Making sure one understands 

Everything will pass

There is no permanence in nature

Alas, man is searching for permanence

Where to find ??

Man wants life to move in a known pattern

Life throws unknown patterns 

Laughing at his misery 

Life says don't resist 

Let it flow

Whatever uncertainty is there 

It shall pass too..

Everything is perfect as IS in the realm of life

Recognise the rhythm

There is only one way 


Oh ,my beloved this heart chants thy name ..

Monday, 10 February 2020

Rendezvous at countryside

The view was breathtaking 
Driving on the country side 
The endless fields were like a canvas
One could lose the count on the shades of green 
Contrasting them was the blueness of the sky
Majestically standing in the horizon
Withstanding nature's adversity 
Mountain makes a bold statement 
I am only a witness! 

Oh ! my beloved, your signature is everywhere 
Looking through these eyes 
What do you think of your creation?
Isn't it the most wonderful thing!
To see yourself in everything 

These words are yours too..
As you inspire inside 
The chant of thy name continues 
In every aspect of life 
One who melts in it gets to taste it
This heart chants thy name..

Monday, 21 October 2019

A whiff of freshness

The little eyes full of mischief 

Eagerness pouring out 

She hypnotises everyone 

Life in the purest  form 

Spreading love 

I look in her eyes deeply

Wonder of wonder 

Oh, my beloved I see YOU!

Laughing gently 

Saying I, I, I

Thou are the name

This heart chants all the time

I hear the chant in her heart too...

Inspired by MYRA the puppy who lives next door

Who loves everyone!!

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Dreaming the dream

Arising like waves dreams take form 
Dreamer starts to become the dream
He lives it as real 
Oh! my beloved, how can  a dreamer realise?
It's in YOUR DREAM that he is dreaming
It's YOU who is creating 
Have mercy oh! my beloved 
Do consider the ignorant ones mistake 
Reveal YOUR essence 
May the dreamer dissolve in YOU
Realising that it's a borrowed dream 
He can never dream his own 
Only YOUR love is his panacea
It's YOUR  name his heart chants
YOU are smiling and saying
I,I,I ...
I alone IS

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Subtle Reality

As the wind blows gently
The fragrance of jasmine spreads
Enticing everyone to inhale
Can anyone separate the wind and the scent?
Everything here comes in multitudes
A matrix of names and forms
So solid and real
One can easily miss 
The ONE who IS
Evident in everything 
Beyond time and space 
Who resides in every heart as I
This heart chants thy name..