Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A Simple Question

image: google

Hi  friend, a tiny voice whispered in my ears
I saw a tiny sparrow sitting on the window sill
I welcomed her with a what's up?
She started talking about what's happening in her world
Mountains are still smiling in spite of their continuous standing 
Oceans continue to do their dance every second
Flowers adding color to the natures canvas
Birds and animals living in harmony
Every one abiding to the law of nature
All is perfect in the world
She asked me a simple Q..what's up in your world?
I opened and closed my mouth
Shall i say that here cruelty continues in spite of advanced civilization
dance of life is done with crippled thoughts
jealousy, hatred, violence colors our canvas
we are searching for peace and harmony 
We thrive in breaking laws of nature
We pretend that all is perfect in our world too
What shall i say? a simple question which has no answer



  1. it's sometimes better that we remain quiet, repent and resolve to be less complicated & so called civilized...a good conversation Arathi...

  2. you would think that as advanced as we are we would understand but nature knows a simpler way....

  3. I think in reality a lot is better than we might think... but listening to the sparrows makes a lot of sense...

  4. "What shall i say? a simple question which has no answer' - this is so true. Technology has made our lives easier but in some fields we are still midgets. And sometimes I envy the lightness of the birds.

  5. Groovy piece, and that is a simple question with no easy answer. Love- "Mountains are still smiling in spite of their continuous standing "

  6. Really enjoyed this poem. What a difference between the sparrow's perfect world and the human's much-less-perfect world!

  7. I would be hard pressed for the answer too ~ I am envious of their simple life actually ~ Maybe we need to turn to nature for guidance ~

  8. I love this - the bright perspective of the bird, the awareness of the human that our world is so fraught...........really cool response to the prompt, Arathi.

  9. I wrote a comment that apparently is not going to post.
    Just want you to know what a good poem this is. I especially like the end - both pretending all is right with the world. Very good write.

  10. The peace of nature is certainly an example to us. I wish more people would get the messsge.

  11. Wow, this is awesome. A very creative approach to the prompt! It really made me think about nature's world vs. ours. We could sure learn a thing or two, couldn't we? :)