Thursday, 13 November 2014

perceiving life

image: google

The grey colored memory wanted to vanish

I knew inside the grey there were colors of my dreams

I refused them to surface: grey was fine for me

but they started to bleed and the colors got mixed

I tried my best to blotch them but of no use

the kaleidoscopic colors haunted me

escaping from their grip I ran

the white light showed me the path

I painted the canvas of life with peace and love


  1. So true, we should just forget the bad memories and srtrive for happiness and peace.

  2. glad you found that peace... the colors... escaping the grey... sometimes we arrange with situations as they are but yeah - never settle for the grey... smiles

  3. Hmmmm, running from bad childhood memories or lost love or some other lost? But you grabbed the brush and kept painting.
    Nicely done.
    Memories won't let you suppress them at times, better to make your new art of their colors, eh?

  4. I love that the evolution of this journey resulted in your closing lines. Beautiful!

  5. I think running away from colors to seek the grey.. it's an interesting case of reverse laws ... but I can understand the seeking of the stillness...

  6. It does seem like gray makes its way in and out of our lives at times. I love color and what you did with it here.

  7. I'm glad the colors broke through and colored the life of the writer.


  8. Beautiful ending.

  9. when we accept those hard memories without malice - they bring wisdom bought at a high price - but you're right - the white light transcends.

  10. Grey can be a comfortable place but when we have the courage to embrace those colors it can life altering. Great close.