Thursday, 31 July 2014



the emotions were waging war inside me

misery stretching it's arms to capture 

for all the things said // unsaid

betrayal, blame, lost love

they all wanted a share 

I sat with my eyes and ears closed

going to my core to get the strength

I boycotted the tears

for want of joy to live life to it's fullest

topic:  boycott

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

coast of happiness

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swimming in the ocean of pain i struggle

to reach the coast of happiness

drowning in the waves of memory

i reach the surface to acknowledge 

only to be drenched by agony

a shaft comes towards me to grab

it has the boards of forgiveness

i scramble myself up

before i know i am on the land of love

basking in the rays of bliss

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Whose Life Is It Anyway

The once taboo word is becoming a household word now. Where is this heading? As a society are we handling the issue in the right way? As a nation are we taking responsibility? Whom to blame and where to blame? Is this what we are looking at so that we can wash our hands by pointing our fingers at others and leave it.

When the whole nation is screaming 'hang the rapist.' Aren't we overlooking the root cause?

Juvenile or adult - a person who commits crime has to be punished. The judicial system will take care of it. The law makers have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. 

We the citizens have a much higher responsibility on our shoulders. We have to understand the cause behind these heinous acts. We have go to the grass root level and understand the issue. We all have played indirect part in it. We have encouraged the media for blowing all this out of proportion. We have encouraged the cine stars to bask in glory while resorting to 'exhibitionism,' thus propagating an image or a trend that younger generation would like to follow. We have consumed every thing put in front of us without protest. We have created a situation where a sick mind delves and lashes out on innocence. We have encouraged all those television serials nodding our head for the scenes which portray all type of crimes. We have encouraged all illegal websites to mushroom.

Now when the devil is dancing on us we are screaming. Mothers have forgotten to teach their offspring the morals. Fathers have forgotten that they are the role model for their children. Teachers who are supposed to mould the students are dormant. As long as we shy away from taking responsibility for our actions these crimes will continue. We can shout slogans and do protests but for how long? Are we satisfied that we have participated in a protest rally and our responsibility is over? All mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters have to remember their responsibilities.

We together form this society and have to repair this now or else it will be too late. The innocence of the children and the safety of women will vanish forever. The society will collapse on its face. We have to remember that we are humans first and we have to respect one another. We have to create a society which nurtures responsible citizens.

forlorn figure

i see all of them who come here
the story behind my face
fascinates people alike
each will think of one story
but mine is frozen in the time
time which can never come back
leaves behind a mask like mine
original story lost forever
made up ones trying to imitate
i am the mute witness inside the box
lost soul with no words to say
forlorn figure with no escape

Monday, 28 July 2014

dew drops

image: google

dew drops on the leaves

smiles at me looking fresh

they shine like diamonds on a lady's finger

each one sitting prettily

matching tears form in my eyes

alive i feel from inside

awe struck by nature's way

the doll she found

image: google

the little girl plays with the doll

her eyes laughing with joy

she danced in ecstasy 

her torn dress twirling around her 

fantasy clashing with reality

the doll in the trash

her treasure of happiness

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

time in my hands

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You allure me into your web

making me believe you are mine

I grasp you in my hand

thinking I have a hold on you

you slip through my hand like water

leaving behind the wetness of memory

which dries up leaving behind stains

marking my heart with pain and pleasure

teaching me that I can only accept you as you are

you have no expectations 

pure love is what you want from me

topic: time

Sunday, 20 July 2014

ode to poetry

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i am the bee looking for nectar
you show me how to get it
taking me from one emotion to other
exploring all of them
i get dizzy but you hold me
pushing me to accomplish
the honey flows in the words 
words coming from my heart
taking me with them
i loose myself in it
becoming one with you
i find peace

learning to write

image: google

i pushed the door to step inside 

once again ready to learn//unlearn 

trying to get a hang on different forms

some times losing myself in others words

surfacing again to explore new vistas

making friends from all over the world

reaching for stars as sky is the limit for us~ the poets of the pub

Friday, 18 July 2014

Ball Of The Year


I was happy// scared
Cause I was going to the ball
This was my first ball in the pub
I wanted to see them all
Soak myself in the conversation
Taste all the dishes..of course veg only...smiles..
Each one unique in their own way

I saw Brian welcoming everyone with ...smiles..
Claudia dressed in black chiffon was looking amazing
Anthony singing his rap in his deep voice
Bjorn looking fresh from his out door vacation
Scarlet in her red dress was dancing beautifully
Victoria, Laurie, Gay cannon, Tony, Shanyn
Oh the excitement it was difficult for me
To remember all the names...

Then it stuck me that
Words binds us all together
With the thread of love
Forgetting we all come from different culture
We belong to poetry religion
We worship words
Comments from fellow poets cheer us
We thrive in supporting each other
We the poets of this dVerse pub

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Stranger's Smile


i was walking with my head down
you came in front of me
compelling me to look up
with smile in your eyes
you extended your hand
that unexpected smile 
went straight into my heart
walking with me in the path of love 
with life's unexpected turns
my love you are always there
with the same gentle smile in your eyes

topic: Unexpected

lessons from the squamates

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When they say you are full of venom
I say look inside and see how much venom we have
we have labeled them nicely
jealous, hatred, envy, hostility and what not

When they say you scare people
I say we humans scare each other all the time
attacking each others territories
scaring the life out of natives

When they say you are a slimy creature
Aren't we? We want to slither away
from situations we don't want to face
afraid of finding out our true color

We are forgetting that you attack only when disturbed
you are happy in your world
we delve in poking our noses in every ones affair
we are not happy in our world and we don't want others to be happy too!!

It's time to introspect and learn
learn from our fellow beings in this world
find out our true self
nature is the best teacher

topic: Snakes

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Humanity - The One and Only Religion

Does air, water, plant, and animals have religion? Nature never discriminates humans based on religion. Why we humans who are supposed to be the intellectual species on this planet behave like this? What motivates a person to take extreme steps in the name of religion? We preach children to treat every one in the same way. As adults are we following it? History tells us many stories about the religion and its effects. Is it now time for change? Can we become human beings first and treat the fellow humans with respect?

Religion as such is not bad. It can be used as a tool to bond people. It can move masses in the right direction. It can become a guiding light for humans to evolve. Lots of wisdom is hidden deep inside religion. We have to dig deeper to find it. If we are stuck in the outer layer its central purpose is lost.

When can we start to think beyond the concepts of mind?  Humanity can become the religion of the world.
It can create one world where everyone is accepted and respected. No division of faith or land can bind the humans. Only unlimited love and respect for each other will help the human community to live in happiness. 

Till the time we outgrow our so called concepts we are stuck in the race of religion. Suffering continues to be our partner. If we humans can convert our weaknesses towards religion into our strength we can make this earth a paradise. There is only one religion - the Human Religion with an eternal bond of love filled with abundant joy!

An Impossible Place

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An impossible place?
I wonder what to write

If there is a place for all
Is it in mind or in heart no one knows
Harder the search,  elusive it becomes
Nameless, timeless, concept less place

An impossible place?
I wonder what to write

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Key Of Love

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I had lost the keys for the door 

It was time to break

I had locked it with my pain and misery

Scared of letting any one inside

Now I had the key with me 

Key of love and light 

Ready to embrace the Joy within


Sunday, 6 July 2014

A True Reader

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Books has been a integral part of every ones life. Generation after generation have lived with books. Present day youth have shied away from books.There can be many reasons for this behavior. Mostly today's youth live a life on fast lane, where everything is instantaneous. They consider reading book a waste of time.

However at the same time there are some book lovers too. These people are looked down as nerds. This is because of their reclusive behavior. In past people who were called as book worms mingled in society. Now the so called nerds don't want to mix with people. This type of behavior triggers teasing or bullying from their peers. To overcome this one has to balance their interests. They should be able to make and hold good conversation among friends. This will help them to overcome bullying. 

Book reading is one of the best hobby a individual can have. It broadens perception and gives one a deeper understanding.  There are vast range of subjects one can choose to read. Books also lead one in to a fantasy world. Book reading can act as stress buster too. One must learn to appreciate books and respect an individual who is a avid reader. 

I conclude with the quote from Ernest Hemingway "there is no friend as loyal as book". So friends read on and also promote reading among present day youth.

Saturday, 5 July 2014


image: Google

sieving my emotions

I try to satisfy my

thirst for liberation

love drowns me

inner strength and wisdom

quenches me

restoring bliss

topic: thirst

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Welcome UFO

image: google

Mystery surrounds you like cloak

claiming that you are spotted

humans try to decipher your code

reveal your true self to us

identifying you may help us to identify our self

we all are inhabitants of this universe

here love connects us all

for ~ Poets United
topic: UFO