Thursday, 11 December 2014

the dawning of a new day

image: google

the day we all see each other as we are

the color of skin doesn't matter anymore

the line between the lands erase

where every individual is respected 

there is no more difference between man and woman

when understanding dawns on everyone

we all are humans coming from the same source

we give rights to each other with love

compassion guides everyone....

topic: human rights


  1. Ah, that will be a day that all of us can celebrate indeed!

  2. I will celebrate! Some try to live as if that day is already here--but not enough, not yet. "we give rights to each other with love
    compassion guides everyone...." Yes.

  3. Clearly poets should rule the world, as they seems to have a better understanding of the needs for a perfect society!

  4. Love and compassion are great ways to view the world around us.

  5. That really would be a good day :)

  6. Golden words, but before, as they say, we need give rights to ourselves to become compassionate...

  7. we must all keep that in mind: that we are all from the earth and we are all unique in our own ways.