Friday, 19 September 2014

god's handwriting

driving a hot air balloon 

i caught hold of a cloud

i climbed inside it

turning around 

saw an elephant passing

he pulled the cloud 

i twirled and twirled 

 ran down the rainbow

the alphabets were chasing me

they caught me and told me to write

i wrote a poem about how i saw

god's handwriting everywhere

the challenge is to write nonsense poetry

Verses Challenge -1

the challenge is to use the word Purr or Bow Wow creatively in a Haiku of 17 syllables in the form 5-7-5

purring softly she came out

child watching jumps, shouts bow wow

car laughs, glides on..

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Friday, 12 September 2014

flirting with waves

image: google

walking along the shore line

the waves flirt with my feet

the froth licking my toes

i try to catch them in my hand

they leave behind their laughter

knowing they can never see me

merging into the sand 

going back to earth

i am stunned by the simplicity

amazed at mother nature's wisdom

i salute to her and continue to walk

now i try to flirt with the waves

the fine tuning

image: google

i sit in front of the piano
running my hands on the keys
i lose myself in the notes
 i am music now
i find my fears in the lower notes
i want to play them gently
i want to search each note
see if i can fine tune it
my fingers now hesitate
they are on higher notes
the expectations rise 
i am afraid whether i will be able to meet them
i stumble and fumble with the keys
trying to find the perfect rhythm
i learn to move my fingers
sometimes slow, sometimes fast
sometimes just enough pace
enjoying each note as it is
the music i create is unique
it's my rhythm of life

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

between heart and mind

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the ring of the phone shattered the peace
reluctantly i answered ..
i heard the low voice 
she had lost her husband to cancer
the churning started inside
why and how questions circled
answers were not there to soothe 
as i watched the questions dance
a war was waged in mind by thoughts
my heart was trying to make me realize
the play of dark and light
continues till the last breath
the inside I is never disturbed
the only question remains
who is this I who is watching all the drama?
Is it the I, i call body? or the I, i call mind?
 or the I, i call heart? Who is this I ???
 no  answer to this one
because the question is rising from the I !!!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Afternoon Drive

image: google

rain drops drip on the windshield

 wipers trying their best to clean them

my husband cribbing 

about the car getting dirty after a car wash

kids laughing at him 

radio playing in the background 

suddenly there comes the sun

rainbow forms in the sky

the conversation continues about how the rainbow forms

i  enjoy the moment 

admiring its simplicity

the conversation continues 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

It's About Books

Today in Indi Blogger's Indispire we have to make a list of 10 favorite books. Here are mine and I hope they will inspire everyone.

Books are man's best a famous saying..coming from a family of  writers...well all i can say books , books  every where..My father-in-law who is an avid reader and a writer himself has published many books..all of them my favorites.
1. The top pick is my father- in-law H.G. Somasekhara Rao's  auto biography in the local Kannada language  Somannana Stock Ninda..translates to "from the stock of Somanna". Here he takes the reader through a journey of his life...stopping now and then to savor the moments..and the saga of his life ..... leaving the readers relate to him.

2. The second  book which inspired me in my personal growth is The Power Of Now by Echkart Tolle.
Here the author leads you gently into a state where you can be free of thoughts.

3. The third book is by the cancer survivor Mark Nepo - The Book Of Awakening. Here you get inspiration for the whole year through his tips of How to Live.

4. The fourth book is by the Author David GodMan on Sri Ramana Maharshi "Be As You Are". This is a collection of Ramana Maharshi's conversation with the seekers who came to him.

5. The fifth book is by Paul Brunton "A Search In Secret India". This is the journey of the author in India during pre - independence days. He finally gets motivated by Sri Ramana Maharshi.

6. The sixth book is from J.Krishnamurty "Freedom From the Unknown." Here JK talks about how to free ourselves radically.

7. The seventh book is a compilation of talks on Advaita Philosophy by NisargaDutta Maharaj. Here the book is in a Q and A format. One can find a lot of insights from these conversations.

8. The eighth book is by Swami Nikhilananda on Swami Vivekananda- A biography. Here the author has explained the journey of Swami Vivekananda's amazing life.

9. The  ninth book is by Stephen Mitchell called Toa Ching. It is an english version of the great Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu. This is the collection of Lao- Tzu's poems and a simple explanation of them.

10. The last but definitely not the last in my list is The Language Of Zen by Richard Burnett Carter. Here the author tries to explain the zen words and how one can try to understand them.

All I have to say is all these books have and continues to help me in my spiritual quest. I may not become an enlightened person but i am definitely one who lives life as is. The essence is to apply all the knowledge you get in these books to the daily life and for sure one can see a miracle happening!!
I hope this list will help many who like me would want to connect to the inner self. Happy reading every one.

Friday, 5 September 2014

the war inside the heart

image: google

the dark sky resonated inside the heart

questions with no answers gathered

unseen hand held the lightning bolt

 rage thundered

does  love drops from heaven

quench the thirst of the heart??

stormy feelings will become calm??

WHY ME will be answered??

 hands of love lead to the path of peace??

topic: stormy weather

Thursday, 4 September 2014

present moment

busy in the kitchen cooking i pause

i tell the thoughts not to bother me

 i know  they keep coming like waves

not knowing the destination i travel with them

nomadic thoughts leading me nowhere

all the churning of past and future forms a paste

i cannot sculpt them into forms of reality

now i am peaceful and calm

i am content in myself 

enjoying the moment as is

topic:to write something that is really you or to get inspired by Rodin's sculpture 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

the canvas calling

claudia's sketches

the canvas looked at me with a hint of smile

the bristle of the brushes whispered 

colors started jumping from the palette

i caught them and soaked them with my passion

they laughed and danced on the canvas

life unfolded by itself with love

i became the mute witness

topic: get inspired by Claudia's amazing sketches

Monday, 1 September 2014

step by step

image: google

I go to school everyday

in the bus of life

to learn and unlearn 

here you have to accept everything as is

love is the only language here

Our school principal Mother Nature

she is the epitome of wisdom

she is the guiding light to all the students

she never gives nor takes vacation


image: Our Garden

i watched her every day

i stood in front of her

she opened up bit by bit

shyly winking at me 

the day she bloomed it was a miracle

i caught her smile and kept it inside my heart

she chided me by saying ogling is bad manners

i roared into laughter, i said

dear little flower you are incorrigible