Thursday, 30 October 2014

Daring To Dream


Sitting inside a cage I look out

The bars of the cage mock at me

They know it was me who put them there

Fear, Pain, Hatred, Jealousy, and what not

With broken wings I sit 

Content in nursing I refuse to fly

The promise of freedom allures me

Breaking the bars becomes expensive

To let go means surrender

Do I dare to dream??

topic: Broken


  1. The cages we build around our hearts can be so strong. It hurts to surrender and let go but freedom is so much better.

  2. So true...sometimes we do make our own cages. And we are content with them. All is safe within the cage & perhaps they protect one from freedom (and fear of failure). Nice!

  3. So many of us build our own cages. Let us all dare to dream!

  4. we do often put ourselves inside those cages...and for whatever reason...sometimes they make us feel safe...but we dont realize what we lose in that as well....and we can only fly so far...inside a cage...

  5. I know quite a few people who prefer their self-made cages to dreams, probably because as much as they dislike the state they are in it is one they know.

  6. Sometimes it's so difficult to go beyond that comfort zone that we've created around ourselves...

  7. Many of us have built our own prisons....a poignant write Arathi.

  8. This is great that feeling of the chamber of our own despair. The desire to break free.