Wednesday, 17 December 2014

appetite for life

image: google

wandering in the street of life

empty stomach thirsts for bread

to live the life it struggles

it won't hesitate to kill too

survival instinct leads the mind

one slice extinguishes hunger

stomach is full, peace walks inside

embracing the tranquility 

meaning of life changes the life itself


  1. That slice of bread to quench the hunger.. what difference it can make..

  2. what a difference a slice of bread can make indeed... a slice of plain bread or a slice of the bread of life... indeed it changes everything

  3. the smallest of things can mean a world of change... a single slice of bread can make all the difference

  4. What that slice of bread can mean to someone who is hungry, the world I am sure ~

    Thanks for joining in ~ Wishing you happy week ~

  5. of the essentials of life...a basic eat...
    and when you dont have can def make one do things they otherwise would not...

  6. In the end, it is the primal instict of hunger and survival that we live by. What a beautiful piece Arathi!

  7. yes, higher actions depend on the base resources being available