Sunday, 21 December 2014


image: google

as each moment is stringed to the next

I try to catch them in my hand

they slip through my fingers

leaving behind their essence

allowing them to lead my way

I walk on the steps of hope

into the life full of love


  1. I specially like to walk on the steps of hope, very positive attitude ~

    Wishing you Merry Christmas Arathi ~

  2. I liked the tone and message of your poem, Arathi. Even if they slip through our fingers, good moments can have a positive impact on our lives.

  3. The slipping through the fingers is so true.. but we have to keep trying....

  4. When the rains drops of now.. slip into an ocean of only floating and never sinking deep.. the sail of life blows full in breeze of loving life and the SAIL goes for 100% ON!

    And never as empty as 50% OFF!