Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Gentle breeze rustled the leaves

Tickling them into peals of laughter 

Little Robin flapped her wings

The tiny worm was ecstatic 

 Lofty branches disgruntled

But the tree still stood tall


Life was just happening 

All by itself 

Free flowing music 

Beyond minds cognisance

Sunday, 3 December 2017


The little wave danced in the ocean

Feeling the winds caress it twirled

Not knowing it's destiny 

Seeing the vastness of the ocean

It said this is my home

Growing bigger with every crest

Becoming mighty and powerful 

It swelled with pride

Failing to understand that it's made up of water

The same water which forms the ocean 

It rolls down to reach the land

Merging into the earth 

Once again waiting to be born 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The fine line drawing was beautiful

The intricate detail showing the finesse of the artist

With compelling desire to touch the lines 

I stretched my hands 

Fingers running on the lines

The lines of memories 

Each line a memory of pain and pleasure 

The face in the drawing resembled mine

I looked down to see the signature 

It was written "time".

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Scorching heat burnt the skin

It was unable to burn the memories

Oscillating between the past and the future 

Knowing their futile attempts

Although aware, I still act

Enduring the pain and pleasure

I try to find the Unchanging One

Alas! The veiling power of the world obstructs my vision

Preventing me from discerning

I and the "ONE" are the same

Monday, 3 July 2017

Hide and seek

Recycling thoughts appeared once again

Suffering in pain I wondered 

What is it that I am holding on to

Objects, feelings and sensations 

Play hide and seek 

Life laughs and says catch me 

I try to, but in vain

Losing  gracefully I realise

All that is left is fragrance of love

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Glistening waters

Aquamarine water glitters under the sun

Naughtily winking at me 

Teasing my toes tempts me 

Promising to hold me 

Resisting the temptation 

I look back to see

All the things I love 

Holding on makes sense

Fear of unknown bars my move

I pause..

Seeing everything 

Letting go of myself

Now I am the water and the waves

I am the ocean and the sky 

Witnessing the merger 

I stand alone 

Monday, 17 April 2017

Clouds of memories

When cloud laughs 

I run fast 

Scared of the rain

Washing away the memories 

When sky rips open

Engulfing me with water

I lose my identity 

Freeing my memories 

With the wetness of love 

I laugh at them

Now they are the cloud 

I am the sky

Untouched by time