Monday, 13 October 2014

hands of love

the hands that protects is killing

innocent lives of thousands

lost for the unknown cause

whole world witnessing 

shedding tears silently

I beg peace to stay 

wishing if I was the hands

i would refuse to hold weapons

i would only hug with love

i would salute the creator

for giving me this precious life

if i were the hands...i would refuse....


  1. a very humane wish...lets keep this voice alive...lovely poem Arathi :)

  2. This poem made shivers pass through my body. Your thoughts truly impress me this morning as I contemplate all the awful killings taking place. I do wonder what would happen if all those killing hands refused. Oh that they would! Thank you for this, Arathi.

  3. I like the strong message in your poem, as well as the way you put it across. the line breaks are very effective. An excellent poem!

  4. I too wish those hands would refuse to kill. If only they would it would be a different world.

  5. i wish we had more hands willing to make that choice not to hold the weapons...and to hug...and to love...

  6. we nee so many hands and hearts to say no do not kill...This is not my quote but I like it " Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of love" And the world really needs loving hands right now

  7. I do wish more people felt this way, peace seems so illusive right now ...

  8. I wish more people would feel this way Arathi. Beautifully written!

  9. If only we can beg peace to stay for good ~ Our hands will not be holding weapons nor instruments of hate ~

  10. The conscientious objectors are the ones that have the most courage and the greatest morality in times of war. It takes great strength to refuse to arm oneself and refuse to kill, and often these people are the ones that suffer the most...

  11. Wish every form of violence could be replaced with love.