Thursday, 17 July 2014

Stranger's Smile


i was walking with my head down
you came in front of me
compelling me to look up
with smile in your eyes
you extended your hand
that unexpected smile 
went straight into my heart
walking with me in the path of love 
with life's unexpected turns
my love you are always there
with the same gentle smile in your eyes

topic: Unexpected


  1. Very sweet poem, Arathi. I guess that love, and often the way it happens, is the most unexpected pleasure in life.

  2. ah love will def surprise you...and provide the unexpected on the journey of life...

  3. This is beautiful. It sounds like this love was an unexpected but wonderful blessing!

  4. you can find love especially in the eyes, that's my own theory. beautiful poem.

  5. An exquisite poem. Love, when it happens, is often very unexpected.

  6. So sweet! I agree, love is wonderful and unexpected - and that is, to my mind, what makes us long for it so much. Delightful one, Arathi!