Sunday, 20 July 2014

ode to poetry

image: google

i am the bee looking for nectar
you show me how to get it
taking me from one emotion to other
exploring all of them
i get dizzy but you hold me
pushing me to accomplish
the honey flows in the words 
words coming from my heart
taking me with them
i loose myself in it
becoming one with you
i find peace


  1. I love this metaphor. Right now we have so many bees in the garden (and hummingbirds). I love thinking I try to gather words like they gather nectar. Lovely

  2. I love the idea of the honey flowing in the words coming from one's heart. I am sure this produces some beautiful poetry!

  3. Want a great ode! Now wonderful when we can simply lose ourselves in poetry.

  4. I love this......the honey of words from the heart!!!!

  5. Yes, well expressed. Sweet experience!

  6. poetry as a way to keep peace of mind.

  7. I like the use of metaphor, bee looking for a nectar ~ Words coming from the heart are precious, I agree ~

  8. This is life to the poetry. :)

  9. love to lose myself in the nectar of words flown from different hearts...a very well crafted poem :)

  10. i often find peace in words as well...and find myself in that role of the bee looking for nectar to make such honey....very cool metaphor...smiles.

  11. Love this and so well crafted, well done.

  12. Ah, the sweet words of poetry that so unexpectedly, often hide a sting!

  13. Ahh..sometimes i feel like my computer is just a little working bee..connecting to the hive..of minds..of the hive mind of poetry..
    and yes..i'm just a little drone..singing a song...

    to the Queen bee..

    wherever she is..
    so i keep humming a song..and buzzing away...

    to please the Queen with words..
    and images they come as flying..away..connecting to hive..

    just buzzing along...alone...allone....

    as well...