Thursday, 31 July 2014



the emotions were waging war inside me

misery stretching it's arms to capture 

for all the things said // unsaid

betrayal, blame, lost love

they all wanted a share 

I sat with my eyes and ears closed

going to my core to get the strength

I boycotted the tears

for want of joy to live life to it's fullest

topic:  boycott


  1. very nice poem... beautifully penned...
    loved it...

  2. I like the way your poem expands the wisdom of the quote above - well done!

  3. This is a new way to use the concept of boycott--to stop having feelings or the outward show of them. An odd use for a political action! And yet, if the joy is truly there, banishing tears and depression is a positive choice and doing that is probably--if only we could do it--better than antidepressants and better than cutting all ties to the past. Live to the fullest!

  4. We all need to break free from things that bring us stress. Nice poem.

  5. sometimes we have to go through the tears to get to that joy...and to understand joy...we must in many ways know its opposite....

  6. i hope you are feeling better now
    stinks to be sick.

  7. Boycott the tears! This sounds like a great piece of advice sometimes but they can also be ways to let the negative emotions go.

  8. Sometimes going to one's core is the best thing. If we boycott tears, perhaps we can move beyond....somehow.