Saturday, 12 July 2014

Humanity - The One and Only Religion

Does air, water, plant, and animals have religion? Nature never discriminates humans based on religion. Why we humans who are supposed to be the intellectual species on this planet behave like this? What motivates a person to take extreme steps in the name of religion? We preach children to treat every one in the same way. As adults are we following it? History tells us many stories about the religion and its effects. Is it now time for change? Can we become human beings first and treat the fellow humans with respect?

Religion as such is not bad. It can be used as a tool to bond people. It can move masses in the right direction. It can become a guiding light for humans to evolve. Lots of wisdom is hidden deep inside religion. We have to dig deeper to find it. If we are stuck in the outer layer its central purpose is lost.

When can we start to think beyond the concepts of mind?  Humanity can become the religion of the world.
It can create one world where everyone is accepted and respected. No division of faith or land can bind the humans. Only unlimited love and respect for each other will help the human community to live in happiness. 

Till the time we outgrow our so called concepts we are stuck in the race of religion. Suffering continues to be our partner. If we humans can convert our weaknesses towards religion into our strength we can make this earth a paradise. There is only one religion - the Human Religion with an eternal bond of love filled with abundant joy!


  1. Such truth in your words.

    I apologize for not responding to your comment. When an email has it automatically go to spam. I am glad I found you. Thanks for coming by to visit.

  2. True Arathi. Love & Respect much needed...
    Good analysis. I share similar views :)

  3. religeon can bring people together but it is used far more often to tear people apart...we become more about what we are against than what we are for....