Wednesday, 30 July 2014

coast of happiness

image: google

swimming in the ocean of pain i struggle

to reach the coast of happiness

drowning in the waves of memory

i reach the surface to acknowledge 

only to be drenched by agony

a shaft comes towards me to grab

it has the boards of forgiveness

i scramble myself up

before i know i am on the land of love

basking in the rays of bliss


  1. When you reach a coast like that you know it's worth the hardships to get there..

  2. it is nice to find that rescue...especially when you feel yourself going under in that sea of agony...which very could be our world with as much misery as it is in today....

  3. Life is all about learning to surf these waves. Good one.

  4. drowning in the waves of memory... that is a common cause of death for the inner self... nice write.

  5. struggling in the sea of pain..I think we all have at one time swam in that sea..but, nice to find the land of love..

  6. I like how "boards of forgiveness" sounds. The idea it conveys to me is that of a specific, bounded forgiveness, no more no less than the amount needed.

  7. So beautiful. Forgiveness is so important to happiness. Just a note, Arathi, I couldn't read your post on Joy--the font color was so light and I have some visual problems. Sorry.