Friday, 18 July 2014

Ball Of The Year


I was happy// scared
Cause I was going to the ball
This was my first ball in the pub
I wanted to see them all
Soak myself in the conversation
Taste all the dishes..of course veg only...smiles..
Each one unique in their own way

I saw Brian welcoming everyone with ...smiles..
Claudia dressed in black chiffon was looking amazing
Anthony singing his rap in his deep voice
Bjorn looking fresh from his out door vacation
Scarlet in her red dress was dancing beautifully
Victoria, Laurie, Gay cannon, Tony, Shanyn
Oh the excitement it was difficult for me
To remember all the names...

Then it stuck me that
Words binds us all together
With the thread of love
Forgetting we all come from different culture
We belong to poetry religion
We worship words
Comments from fellow poets cheer us
We thrive in supporting each other
We the poets of this dVerse pub


  1. those words are a great common denominator to build a platform for poets from all around the world... love the personal touches - that you included some poet's names...the was a wonderful celebration... smiles

  2. Truly beautiful words of celebration..appreciation and support for your fellow poetry friends of words..

    Nice to see ya..words..and do please have a great rest of the ball of life too..

    And of course smiles2!..;)!and love..the sacred kind..!that i know your culture knows!2!

  3. The last stanza gave me the chills--it is in our willingness and ability to communicate that we are able to come together as one. Maybe we need to elect world leaders who are poets!

  4. it is words that bind us together and bridge that gap between each culture and language.....and our quest to understand each other...and ourselves....welcome to the ball...smiles.

  5. Poetry is definitely our platform... I may not know you, but I know you write/love poetry - that's our connection; and it is beautiful...

  6. words do have the power to bring people is important to celebrate when that does happen.

  7. Indeed, it is the words that bind us together....across oceans and continents.

  8. It was my first dVerse ball too. I enjoyed all the people, the drinks, food and, of course, all these wonderful words.

  9. Hey, we can all dance together, smiles ~

    I specially love this part:

    Words binds us all together
    With the thread of love

    That is the magic of our words, our connection though physically we all over the world, we are close because of our words ~ Good to see you at ball tonight ~

  10. What a sweet poem. Nice to be greeted by all of Dverse's superstars. But also nice that you're attending. Have fun.

  11. We are connected aren't we? Across time & space & even universes; each in our own corner, our own garden, reaching out for that reciprocation, that symbiosis, that homeostasis. I am awed & proud to be even a knuckle on our grand Poetic Creation. So nice to visit with you when we can.

  12. we are truly celebrating words with all our hearts...beautifully captivated Arathi :)

  13. Heartfelt poem...we all are grateful for the experiences we've had here and will continue to for a long time to come. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Words binds us all together
    With the thread of true. I love poetry religion and the world needs it :)

  15. Hi arathi you are so right it is a community of people united in the words we write. Such beautiful images within your poem, lovely to see you at the ball.

  16. Words are keys to the soul person. The pub is a grand place to celebrate those souls.

  17. Missed the ball though. But you've provided clear indication that everyone had a ball of a time! Nicely Arathi!