Sunday, 20 July 2014

learning to write

image: google

i pushed the door to step inside 

once again ready to learn//unlearn 

trying to get a hang on different forms

some times losing myself in others words

surfacing again to explore new vistas

making friends from all over the world

reaching for stars as sky is the limit for us~ the poets of the pub


  1. to learn and unlearn...ha...that is def the case with me....smiles...but it is the friends from all over the world that keep me going...smiles.

  2. The best poets are the ones who are always learning . . . and unlearning. Great thoughts here, well-done!

  3. Don't you love it when the sky is the limit ~ The friends from all over the world though is priceless ~

  4. I concur whole-heartedly! I'm constantly learning or unlearning something here! And I'm not sure I'll ever get the hang of the different forms, but it's nice to try... Perfect capture of a state of mind and a lovely community!

  5. i love this individual and community feeling expressed here Arathi...nice lines :)

  6. Beautiful - we're aiming for the stars..and the sky is the limit. We're in such good company such as you - we love having you at the pub! Thank you.

  7. we all have much to learn and unlearn. it's helpful to have a place that can nurture such growth...beautifully said.