Saturday, 14 June 2014


Image: Google

Oh my heart what is it that you are searching for
The unsaid words are lying in the dust
The unlistened words have flown away
The things you wanted stayed as concepts
Ones you rejected became real
Time is running out
Stop searching before it's too late

Hear your own beats, comprehend their meaning
Bliss and peace is what you find here
Dwell and marinate in them
It will give you the solace
Quietude will stay
Seeking outside will perish
As search ends right here inside you


  1. I agree that searching probably leads to nowhere if we cannot listen to our inner selves. Nice take on the prompt, Arathi!

  2. whole lotta truth...the greatest is found inside yourself...if it is based in the world, it will let you down...

  3. A brilliant poem, Arathi. We definitely all need to hear our own beat & heed the meaning we find within. Whatever we are seeking can be found inside.

  4. All answers lie within - great wisdom in your poem.