Thursday, 12 June 2014

Live Another Day

Image: Google

The day dawned beautifully

Sun with his charming smile 

Making the earth blush

Birds sang an intricate melody

River burst into peals of laughter

Mountains echoed in silence

Ocean waves did their jiggle

Seeing nature in merriment

I wondered why we are scared of today

Afraid to even say the name 

Friday the Thirteenth, the most fearful day

When nature is indicating

It's just another day!

Topic:Thirteen Lines On Thirteen


  1. Happy poem! I love it. And who will we listen to, nature or superstition?

  2. Thank You Susan..glad you liked it..true nature or vote goes for nature..smiles..:))

  3. Yes, indeed!! It's just another day, and when Nature makes it a beautiful one, it's even a lucky day :-)

  4. ha. nature is a better teacher...and also understands the rhythms of life all the more....i plan on enjoying the day at least....smiles.

  5. True...I have always believed it to be another day.

  6.'s just another beautiful day...and this one is another wonderful write Arathi...just read your d'Verse poem :)

  7. And a beautiful day, by the sound of it!

  8. 12+1?or 14-1?it is 13!!!just number?,a date or a day?
    !!!it passed away!!!