Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wise Eyes

tears got frozen in the eyes

words refused to fall from lips

pain became the constant companion

I was not ready to allow happiness

I wanted to ride the sympathy wave

You made me understand that

I never saw world through Your eyes

The wise eyes full of love 

topic is to get inspired by Joel Robison's creative and adventure spirit


  1. probably the most important line in this one is not being ready for happiness...because when you are will not be open to any prodding by another...i am glad though of the understanding in the end

  2. Amazing that one can get stuck in that pain.. pain can become a habit that it's hard to embrace happiness.

  3. Funny how things change once we allow and see the lens through love and hope ~ Riding the sympathy wave will only allow you some time but we need to stand in our own two feet ~ Thanks for linking up Arathi ~

  4. Strangest thing tears are..mine stopped flowing for emotion some time ago..and then for immune system issue..s

    And thank GOD they flow freely now..
    i'll take 'em all..
    and never shoo or ill them away again..:)
    thanks for the memories..
    of tears i treasure..
    now!..and smiles too..
    and laughs a long............

  5. Your poem reminded me of at least two people I know. They seem fixed in a past made golden by their memories and appear incapable of embracing happiness, or even consider it.

  6. sometimes we need to change our view..then we can see fresh again and break the chains that shackle us.

  7. the realization at the end will definitely lead the speaker to the happy path hopefully...the first two lines are beautifully expressed...

  8. Not sure if I already left a comment here Arathi. Sorry if I repeat myself. I like your words. Depression is so painful, yet there is hope if we change our attitude. Really good write.

  9. I do think we have to open ourselves to happiness, be willing to receive it. Sometimes it takes a while for a person to risk letting happiness in, but the rewards are worth it!

  10. Well happiness alone is great. Wonderful if you find a partner. Sometimes there just isn't the one you love. So we all must strive to find our rewards quietly. Some of us take a lot longer to work through losses.

  11. I never saw world through Your eyes
    The wise eyes full of love

    A sad feeling can be prompted by a disturbed mind. But one can get help to ease it through a loved one's presence! Nicely Arathi!