Thursday, 7 August 2014

Cooked With Love

image: google

Grand mother would tell me

the way to your husband's heart is through his stomach

first day when I had to cook in my new house

i decided to work with granny's advise

i wanted to bake a beautiful cake

my wish was was a beautiful cake to look

my hubby dearest was treated with mouth watering aroma

he just could't wait to eat the cake

I gave him the knife to do the honors

next ten minutes we both were pounding on the cake to break it

wiping my tears hubby said that his love for me is intact in his heart

the home made cake winked at me from the trash can..


  1. OOps! it happens , but ultimately what matters is the love:) a beautiful memory to cherish

  2. Well this happened to me too ~ With lots of practice, I learned to cook ~ Now, I am lazy to cook, smiles ~

  3. Ha, I laughed about the pounding of the cake baked with such a wonderful intent. But there is a saying, "It is the thought that counts." And this kind of thing can happen to the best of cooks on occasion. Smiles.

  4. The beginning of your poem reminded me of the mother in 'Bend it Like Beckham'. The rest made me smile. I ruined a cake a few days ago by putting in too much baking powder.

  5. ha. my mother has a similar story...hers fell apart and so she put it back together with toothpicks so she could ice it...and then forgot about them...oh my....ha.

  6. quite recently i baked one tasting like crispy

  7. Love tastes good even if it takes a big knife to try and slice it!

  8. Hi! I had something similar happen on my first attempt at a homemade cake, though I was trying to make it for my mom. I broke one of her favorite bowls, the cake layers came out about 1 inch high, and I didn't know that confectioners sugar was the powdered sugar so the frosting was a complete disaster. She and I made a cake the right way together the next week :-) Thank you for the smiles and memory!

  9. ◕‿◕。) This one made me smile

    Much Love…

  10. Oh dear! A learner in the kitchen as newly weds often are ends up with disastrous results, but where there is love, there is the taste of honey!