Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Ballos Night

image: google

His wise eyes reflected the moon in the sky
A huge scar on his wrinkled hand was shining
i eagerly wanted to know about the scar
i begged him to share his story
After a long silence he started
The day when he fell in love
the most beautiful girl he had ever seen
she stayed in the castle with her yellow teeth dog
the castle hosted a fair and he went in his old tractor along with his black cat
he was fascinated by the view, there was a display of  farm animals
there was chicken,black swan, raven and a  crocodile
in the theater nutcracker was playing
fancy dress competition was held and he could see 
people dressed as Greek god/ goddess,superman,
Obelix, Hansel and Gretel and as a dragon too
then he saw her dressed as Ice queen
she was sipping tea from a cup  with painted orange flowers
there was an announcement for the dance competition
before he could understand what was happening he was dancing with her
the bluesman was playing saxophone along with the violinist
he felt like he was in a spaceship going to Neptune
he didn't want the dance to end but he was yanked out of her arms
how can he a commoner dare to dance with the princess?
he was thrown inside a stall full of haystack and in the corner
there was a wheel barrow which had a old liquor bottle
they had locked the door and he waited the whole night
the next morning they put him in a blue car and dropped him outside the city
with a warning to never set his foot inside the castle again
then? i wondered about the scar on his hand...
to my horror it was not a scar but he had tattooed her name with the needle
nowadays he sits in the pub and plays skat sometimes
he never talks about that day not even with the little bat


  1. oh heck... i was so hoping for a happy end... oy... but loved that you managed to fit all the characters very well done...and even their little skat round...and he with her name tattooed...oh how much he must miss her and she should've searched for him me thinks...oy

  2. oh what a sad find his love and then be torn from her...and told never to go back into the city...the name tattoo to always remind him...very nice mixing everyone into the tale as well...

  3. the tattoo reminds me of Dipika Padukone's nape where RK still sits in tattoo've got here all of them working pretty well...nicely done Arathi :)

  4. Reading this I felt like you were reading me a story and I was a child learning a bit about the lessons of loss.

  5. Tattoos are kind of scars...and all tell a story...what a fable...

  6. The way young people are tattooing themselves today kind of freaks me out; at 70 I have a lot of real scars to tell tales about; impressive that you were able to include so many of the prompt words/objects.

  7. Aw. A tender, sad story. love it - how you were able to construct it from so many different words. You did a wonderful job with this prompt.

  8. What a scar to keep the story alive.. To face rejection like that.. after having found his love... Then sitting there all day playing card.. so sad

  9. I like how you stitched all the words together to tell a story ~ Though sad ending, it was definitely a priceless memory for a tattoo ~