Monday, 4 August 2014

Incredulous Society

Don't we all want to change so many things in India?  Isn't that list endless?

We see posters (do these posters not bring down the beauty in the first place and that is a different challenge altogether), writings on the wall, promos in movie theaters trying to educate us.  These are the necessary steps that have to be taken by the authorities, and in some cases NGO's help the cause also. My contention is once again we have to go to the grass-root level for our society to change.

Aren't Parents the role models for their children? If we throw garbage on the road today then our kids will do the same thing tomorrow. We make our kids urinate on the road side convincing them that they should not worry since no one is seeing!

We laugh when eve teasing is happening in front of us.  We spit (sometimes even the paan spit too), we use foul language, we tell our kids to close their eyes to prevent them from watching obscene scenes in the movies, we throw banana peel on the road saying it will turn into manure.  Jumping signals is fun, parking in a haphazard manner when parking is at a premium is considered a small victory, making a child sit on the father's lap since the child loves driving, two-wheelers driving on pavements, cutting lines, this list is endless! And we see the so-called educated folks repeating this time and again!

Are we doing a responsible parenting? How can we expect a better society? When we understand that we are THE society and we are responsible for our actions we may see some change. Till such time we have to suffer the non-civic behavior of our people. It's easy to play the blaming game by saying India needs change..aren't we the part of India? 

Each individual is India and only when he/she realizes the responsibility each carry and respects it we can hope for better India. Incredible India or Incredulous Society!

Article written for Indi Blogger. Topic: Which bad habit of Indian would you like to change for our India?


  1. Each individual is India and only when he/she realizes the responsibility each carry and respects it we can hope for better India. Incredible India or Incredulous Society!

    true really
    nice blog keep posting :)

  2. Nicely expressed Arathi.
    I chose not to write on this topic because I would have ended up ranting about so many things, and still have felt that I haven't said it all.

    You mentioned a child sitting in father's lap while the latter is driving. Much worse than that is allowing teenagers to drive. This happens everywhere, with weird excuses like they've to learn driving as they'll get license soon, or, better let them drive ourselves else they'll do so without informing us, and so on.

    1. i agree Nimi..thank you for your views..i appreciate it a lot..hope we all be the change for better India:)

  3. Many points rightly focused, Arathi.
    It is so sad...
    Yes, 'charity begins at home'. Even I believe that we should train our kids & sensitize them to be good civilized humans who are proud of our nation...
    Parents, Schools & Society...- huge role to play... Are they doing what they are supposed to?
    May we all behave properly & say bye to bad-habits...

    1. yes Anita, let's say good bye to bad habits..:)

  4. Well said...
    All the best!

  5. I agree. This generation of children growing up now have an entirely different response to life. We trained our children and instilled value and morals. Now they define our method as wrong and change again. I continue to teach and believe the old way. My grandchildren are respectful and well mannered. All we can hope is they teach their children and respect for the land and each other will grow again by example.

    Very interesting read.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.

    1. Thanks Gail..Hope is the only way ..:)

  6. parenting is a big debate here as well...
    i think in many ways it is a backlash
    of the strictness of the previous generation
    but the pendulum has swung so far the other
    direction now...way too much freedoms....
    and very little values driven education.

    1. true Brian..value driven education is the key word here...

  7. we have a saying: you can teach your kids whatever you want, in the end they will do what they see you doing... that is true...and we're def. responsible to be good role models for them and raise them in a responsible way

  8. I agree completely. Children do what their parents do, NOT what their parents tell them to do. You may be interested in reading my post