Thursday, 1 May 2014

What I am (not)!!

What I am (not)!!

Am I the thought, or the mind which holds the thoughts

Am I the physical body that I see in reflections

Am I the person others think 

Am I the five senses that I feel through this body

Am I the five elements that earth is made of

 I’m the soul – everything and nothing

I’m the love which binds this universe


  1. Woh...woh...woh...profound thoughts ;-) I am now confused who I am ;-( Good one.....and keep writing

  2. nice one Arathi. on a lighter note buddhi i had asked the same question after taking 2 tablets of Tylenol PM for the first time way way back. I scared the hell out of padmaja when she woke up and saw me asking the question where and who i am and then i topped it with asking her who are you!!

  3. Very nice, including the title.. :)