Friday, 30 May 2014


Image: Google

Thousand watt smile with dentures

Shining eyes behind the glasses

Old age is when it all starts

Spreading Love and Wisdom

Living every moment

As understanding dawns 

Life is Immortal; Body dissolves


  1. I like the idea that 'old age is when it all starts', maybe because we are more aware of the value of time and moments well-spent. With years, I think we learn to focus on what is essential and discard the rest.

  2. I love the spirit of this. This should be posted at all retirement homes! Thank you so much for posting at Poetry Jam!

  3. smiles...
    Thousand watt smile with dentures... i like... and i think the older we get the more we hunger for the things that are real and that will last when we're long gone

  4. the smile is without will be a toothless grin i guess..

  5. Yes, I truly believe life is immortal. Though our body may no longer exist, our soul lives on. A thoughtful write here.

  6. very true and wise words, soul changes body but feelings and emotions they never die.

  7. This is the age when the married couples realize the worth and true love for each other...true meaning of companionship.

    1. Yes, at the same time we come across may who will have cynical attitude too..lucky are those who get it:)

  8. Very deep and meaningful poem. How strange it is that it is towards the end of our lives that the dawning comes that life is immortal, Very nice.