Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Dance

Friends today I am presenting you with my daughter's poem - The Dance. The bird painting below was done by her. She is a teenager who enjoys writing poems and does painting in different medium.Her poems are published in many newspapers and magazines.Her art work has won her a lot of prizes.She aspires to be a doctor and she is pursuing her education in that direction I hope you will welcome and appreciate her as you have done to me. Thank You.

She lifted her hand
And moved it with grace
The feet were gracefully moving
And expressions flooded her face

The dance was precise
With every step having a meaning
Every smile a hidden pain
And every expression amazing

There was something strange
In the dance she was doing
It made her think twice
And give attention to her living

As she continued her dance
She felt inside her an urge
To change her lifestyle
And it came in as a surge

Memories flooded her mind
She copying in tests
She bullying the small kids
She destroying bird nests

Each of these memories
Stung her soul and heart
For she had never realized
What her action had impart

She knew it was the dance
About a girl who was dying
And who was wild to be alive
So she was tearfully apologizing

Then she realized the value
Of her living and her existence
As she made the next step
She felt that she had been dense

The last fragment of the dance
Was about to finish
And she stood as a changed person
At last realizing her wish

As she dropped dead on the stage
She felt happiness burst inside
And as the applause was heard
She knew she need not hide

She stood up on the stage
Showing her tear glazed face
For she knew that the audience
Had not just appreciated her grace

She stood as a changed girl
Ready to face the sun
But this time with reality
For she knew she had won

Written by Prakruthi Harihar


  1. oh the changing power of the dance... the realizing that things have gone wrong but how powerful of her to put it all in and in that change who she is... i think as artists we do this in multiple ways... very cool drawing as well... you daughter is so talented arathi

  2. Thank You claudia....I too like this one a lot...

  3. Lovely...lovely...lovely. The talent runs in the family. Proud of it.

  4. Wow - a wonderful Coming of Age story. The epiphany she experiences is quite powerful, yet expressed as a dance softens it. Lovely work. Congratulations. - Vivienne, of OneVoicePoetry.

  5. what an introspective have to face the things she did that were not good...and then even to feel her own value...its cool must be quite proud of her not only for her writing but her art as well....

    1. Thank You Brian..yes we are proud of her..this one was written three years ago..:)

  6. What a moving poem this is! I like the way that as she danced through her own pain she came to terms with the things she had done in her life that were unkind & apologized to them & in her tears became a changed person. Just lovely really.

  7. Loved reading this one and it is superbly expressed!! The painting left me speechless!

    Thanks Janu for sharing this piece :)

  8. Your daughter is so very, very gifted, both in her art and in her writing. The magpie is beautiful, and there is a strange and wonderful connection with something I wrote and submitted to a short story competition yesterday. How we are connected... Congratulations to you and your daughter for your talents!

    1. Thank You...It just shows that we all are connected in one way or the other..:)

  9. What a talented daughter you have. Her artwork amazing and her writing inspiring.
    Anna :o]

  10. Thank you..Anna ..I will show her your comment:)

  11. I like the idea of coming to terms with all that we are, including the darker sides of our personality. Congratulations to your daughter for her many talents!

    1. Most of the time we don't want to acknowledge the darker side even though we are aware of it...Thank You Gabriella

  12. Not only a poem but a moving story — and the picture is beautiful.

  13. The picture and the poem ...both are beautiful!

  14. Convey my congratulations to Prakruthi my dear friend,expecting more from mother and daughter!!!!

    1. Thank You Anitha..I too hope that it will continue:))

  15. Wow! what a lovely painting and an equally mesmerizing poem. Your daughter has great talent. I wish her all the best.

    Hi, please let me know how can I become your follower? I can't see any list where I can join your wonderful site. Thanks.

  16. Thanks vandana..u can follow me through e mail. Submit ur address and u get notification ...or u can follow in google plus too..:)