Friday, 12 September 2014

the fine tuning

image: google

i sit in front of the piano
running my hands on the keys
i lose myself in the notes
 i am music now
i find my fears in the lower notes
i want to play them gently
i want to search each note
see if i can fine tune it
my fingers now hesitate
they are on higher notes
the expectations rise 
i am afraid whether i will be able to meet them
i stumble and fumble with the keys
trying to find the perfect rhythm
i learn to move my fingers
sometimes slow, sometimes fast
sometimes just enough pace
enjoying each note as it is
the music i create is unique
it's my rhythm of life


  1. A very creative metaphor here, really cleverly investigated and expressed. Thanks. k.

  2. I like your musical theme for your metaphor, I am music.

  3. This is lovely. I do think that someone who plays an instrument well really does become the music as they play. And it is wonderful to listen to such a person when they are really into the music, when it really expresses them as they are and feel!

  4. yes a wonderful parallel of music to life.

  5. One of the most interesting things about belonging to the dVerse pack of poets is that we find so many artists & musicians among them. Very creative take, terrific concept, music as life, you are the music; quite Z´n actually.

  6. I love knowing the resonance of the lower notes and as the narrator climbs the scales, the thoughts and fears of expectations rise too. Fine tuning is something a musician may know more than others--so controlled, so possible to become confused. I love this poem and its detailed vision!

  7. Finding your rhythm -- how life is really like stumbling on the keys.. what a great metaphor

  8. I am music now, I like this very much ~

  9. finding your rhythm is the only way to keep up with life's natural beat... smiles. nice