Friday, 19 September 2014

god's handwriting

driving a hot air balloon 

i caught hold of a cloud

i climbed inside it

turning around 

saw an elephant passing

he pulled the cloud 

i twirled and twirled 

 ran down the rainbow

the alphabets were chasing me

they caught me and told me to write

i wrote a poem about how i saw

god's handwriting everywhere

the challenge is to write nonsense poetry


  1. Hey this is very creative and a lot of fun to read. Felt like I was in the balloon too!

  2. Oh what fun the dVerse pack is having with this prompt; yes this piece was very creative, rife with whimsy, filled with fun & nonsense; nice job.

  3. very cool..traveling in a cloud with an elephant pulling it... what a beautiful journey

  4. So cool, especially seeing God's handwriting everywhere!

  5. Creative and whimsical - especially the opening. I think younger children would love that part of the story ... smiles.

  6. wrote a poem about how i saw
    god's handwriting that. Whimsical and fun with a nice ending