Thursday, 4 September 2014

present moment

busy in the kitchen cooking i pause

i tell the thoughts not to bother me

 i know  they keep coming like waves

not knowing the destination i travel with them

nomadic thoughts leading me nowhere

all the churning of past and future forms a paste

i cannot sculpt them into forms of reality

now i am peaceful and calm

i am content in myself 

enjoying the moment as is

topic:to write something that is really you or to get inspired by Rodin's sculpture 


  1. That moment stirring the pot.. it's like the silence in the middle of the storm... well penned.

  2. all the churning of the past forms a paste..ha. i like how you put there...glad you were able to find your place of peace...and contentment

  3. I can relate to your thoughts leading you to here and there ~ I pretty much dream away when I am washing dishes ha ~

  4. Yes, work does settle the thoughts, changes energy in the brain.
    I like reading here, how you constantly work on your mind. As most of us do have to consciously keep guard.

  5. Honest & Truthful.

    I love your thoughts and your creativeness.

    Beautiful. :)

  6. it's nice when thoughts stop their playfulness and we find peace....