Sunday, 18 January 2015

one step at a time

image: google

Left foot, left foot,left foot, right....
I was reading Dr.Seuss poem from the Foot book
my little one was looking at her feet
folding her feet in my hand
I remembered the feeling of this feet
kicking in my stomach
the feet which wore the cute booties
the feet which took those tiny first steps
the feet which will take her a long way
stumbling now and then
confident of standing firm
taking one step at a time....


  1. smiling at the remembering of those little feet in the womb...i love dr seuss too, so i know the book...and one day those feet will lead her on to her own life....but shh...lets not talk about that right now...ha

  2. Oh, this poem warms my heart, Arathi. I love the sentiments you expressed. Little feet grow to be big feet way too fast though. One step at a time....gaining confidence along the way!

  3. Such sweetness.. and those little feet will just grow and grow.. let them dance barefoot as long as possible.. :-)

  4. Aaah. Brought me to a wonderful emotion (except the "kicking" which I only felt from the outside...and maybe in a little tantrum when we met)

  5. Lovely echo of both care and truth in this Arathi - it lifted my spirit - thank you... With Best Wishes Scott

  6. The feet that will one day stand firmly on her own and take a path away from, then back to, you. Cherish these moments when you still hold them in your hand. This is beautiful!

  7. I love babies' tiny little feet. Pity they grow up so fast. But then someone who is able to stand on his/her feet is someone to be proud of.

  8. So perfect to watch and feel those feet move and seek direction. A very moving poem--pun intended!

  9. I remember looking at my children's feet when they were young. There is something so lovely about children's feet. I somehow missed the point when they became adult feet.

  10. what a sweet little read this

  11. One step at at time is all it takes.

  12. h a lovely time a time of feeling blessed and giving thanks for mysteries revealed

    have a good week

    much love...

  13. How any age all we can do is one step at a time!

  14. What a lovely poem. It touched my heart! :)

  15. Oh the places they'll go. Sorry couldn't help it.