Thursday, 12 March 2015

to grandpa..with love

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life was always cruel to him
he bore it with a smile
even when his vocal chords were removed
he still wanted to talk...
he didn't bow to cancer
it left him with respect
he was an adorable grandpa
he taught us all how to live
to respect and accept life
to welcome life with a smile
allowing it to flow in you
and when time comes to say bye
no regrets but love, love and only love...

My grandfather was diagnosed with throat cancer. His vocal chords were removed.( this happened in early 1960's..when cancer was a very rare disease ..there was no proper treatment available). He had a hole in his throat. He never complained about his condition. The ability to accept the reality and to live is a rare commodity. He went on to live for 40 plus years after the removal of his tumour. He was a surprise case to the doctors. He lived his life to the fullest...of 83 years..


  1. His good spirit is why he lived so long. Especially back then, when treatment was not as advanced as it is now. That is an amazing story of a wonderful man, Arathi.

  2. Despite a cruel life, your Grandfather gifted you with his model of acceptance, kindness, and love. And then when I read your note and realized his long life, I said WOW! I am inspired too.

  3. What a wonderful inspiration man your grandfather was Arathi. I am glad that he gifted you with his kindness, his outlook on life. An inspirational man indeed.
    Anna :o]

  4. He himself let life with a smile to flow in him and that worked wonder...this is a great teaching indeed...a wonderful tribute to your grandpa Arathi...

  5. Oh, your grandfather sounds like a true inspiration. He went on with life despite the hole in his throat, handled it, and lived it with love. A wonderful role model for how to LIVE..taking everything in stride as it comes along. Always glad to see your poetry, Arathi.

  6. They all old generation learned not to complain, take what life has for you with smile...~ love was his main power despite to disease.

  7. Life can be lived with happiness despite all the troubles indeed hays off to hi.


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