Thursday, 26 September 2019

Dreaming the dream

Arising like waves dreams take form 
Dreamer starts to become the dream
He lives it as real 
Oh! my beloved, how can  a dreamer realise?
It's in YOUR DREAM that he is dreaming
It's YOU who is creating 
Have mercy oh! my beloved 
Do consider the ignorant ones mistake 
Reveal YOUR essence 
May the dreamer dissolve in YOU
Realising that it's a borrowed dream 
He can never dream his own 
Only YOUR love is his panacea
It's YOUR  name his heart chants
YOU are smiling and saying
I,I,I ...
I alone IS


  1. Need to dream a dream to understand the depth here
    Very nice

  2. Dreams and dreams,Everything is a dream for a philosopher

  3. Very meaningful. You have to dig deep to understand :)